Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sayonara Val!

Val Pascucci is now a member of the Chiba Lotte Marines. I hope he likes miso soup.

Val didn't get a real shot in the major leagues and had an interesting career in the minors. A pitcher in college, he slid into the outfield in the minor leagues.

He was essentially, the second coming of Rob Deer, amassing a huge number of walks and a huge(r) number of strike outs.

He's the kind of player that teams don't normally like to take a shot with. The batting average is too low and the strikeouts too high for teams to give a shot. Combined with his apparent defensive shortcomings in the outfield, he never really had a chance.

I'm surprised that some time in need of outfielders (Texas? Arizona?) didn't take a flyer on him, at least as an option off the bench. With the Nats, he probably didn't fit in. We have plenty of outfield options as it is and he'd just be caught on the bench as a 5th outfielder at most.


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