Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Prospective Pitching

With Jaret Wright signing a 3-year $21 million contract to play for the Yankees(As a brief aside, lemme put my Yankee fan cap on and say EFF YOU Cashman!--ahhhh... better now), the Expos have one less pitcher on their short list.

The good news is that Wright was one of the worst pitchers on that list. It's not that Wright is a bad pitcher, it's just that there's a lot of risk with him now. He turned a corner last year, to finally live up to some of the promise he showed as a rookie when he dominated the Yankees in the playoffs. With this team, they can't afford high-priced risks. Sometimes you lose out on someone who really has put it all together, but that's better than being stuck with a bad pitcher for a lot of money for too many years.

Two major league sources said the Nationals continue to pursue free agent Odalis Perez, late of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and have discussed left-handed reliever Steve Kline of the St. Louis Cardinals. Another major league source said Bowden has pursued a trade for Shawn Chacon of the Colorado Rockies.

Perez would be a quality singing. Kline would fill a need I don't really think we have. And Chacon, after the way he's flamed out in Colorado, could probably be had for a stale bag of peanuts.


  • It strikes me that a much more cost effective strategy than signing journeyman pitchers who have career years in Atlanta would be to hire Leo Mazzone to be pitching coach so he can develop your own (cheaper) journeymen.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/09/2004 1:59 PM  

  • I think the Mets (?) tried making a push from him a year or two ago when his contract was up in Atlanta and had little success wooing him.

    I'm pretty sure he has a pretty long-term contract and with the amount of time he's been in Atlanta, I think it'd be next to impossible to get him to move, especially as long as Bobby Cox is there. At a certain point, comfort takes precedent.

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 12/09/2004 2:07 PM  

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