Monday, December 20, 2004

Play Ball! Well... Not Quite

Cropp and Williams met and the baseball bill is back on the agenda for tomorrow's hearing at 10 AM.

With baseball indicating that they weren't opposed to the private financing aspect, so much as the provision that would yank all funding if private plans couldn't be worked out, there's probably room for a compromise.

The city has received several proposals--now and before--from developers and interested parties. If Ms. Cropp can be convinced that the potential exists for private financing, perhaps she can pull the amendment's sunset provision out and call baseball's bluff.

At this point, I think that MLB is sweating. They really need DC now. The laughable Norfolk-or-bust proposal for next season isn't going anywhere. As the huge demand for season tickets demonstrated, this area CAN support a major league team.

I'm linking to this story (Thanks Google News!) just because it's funny. It's some crank's take on the much-ado-about-nothing story that the owner of the gay clubs in the stadium construction area funded some of the opposition to the stadium. It's worth a quick click, even to read the headline. It reads like something from the Onion and it helps to read it in your crotchety old man voice. :)


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