Monday, November 15, 2004

Maybe They'd Support A Cricket Field?

A poster on Baseball Primer linked to this Economist article, which cheerfully states, "Washingtonians will rue the day they got a baseball team," and concludes:
All of which means that when the novelty wears off and fans balk at paying $30 to watch a losing team, the team’s owner (whoever that might be) will have little incentive to stick around. At best, Washington baseball fans will pay handsomely for the privilege of having a hometown team; more likely, their eager celebration will leave a nasty hangover that will last for decades.

Don't rain on our parade, damnit!

But the interesting part of the article is actually the beginning, when it details the shady transactions and troubled history that led an author of a Peanuts book, a hedge funds trader who's losing big money, and the man who crushed the city of Seattle to the weirest three-way action this side of [insert your own punchline.]


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