Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Human Side

The Post has an excellent article about the Ex-Expos offices in Montreal, as they prepare to shut the doors for the final time.

Some of the employees who are being let go have been with the club since the team was founded, in 1969. For others, it's been their only job.

While we here in DC should rejoice, we should also feel bad for the Montreal fans who were screwed over. I strongly believe that baseball could work in Montreal. They, like all places, supported their team when it gave them something to cheer about. Unfortunately, with the season to season uncertainty and constant talk and running-down of the team's chances--despite some results to the contrary--it made no sense for the casual fan to invest any time or energy into the team. It was unfair to the fans. They deserved more.

But, what's done is done. I'll happily root for the Nats and scream at their GM. That's what being a fan is about--and what the fans in Montreal are sure to miss.


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