Monday, July 17, 2006

New Team, Same Results

Add, subtract, do whatever you need. No matter the calculation, permutation or combination, the limit approaches an infinite suckiness.

Armas was blah. The big blow was a two-run single to the opposing pitcher. If it seems like the Nats get the bejeesus beaten out of them by the opposing pitcher, it's because they do. They've walked 10 times, been HBP another and before tonight, had driven in 11 runs -- which is actually an improvement from last season. Armas, all things considered, has probably been the Nats' best starter. But his inability to go more than 5 innings is maddening.

The Please-God-Get-A-Hit-So-We-Can-Trade-Your-Sorry-Ass Jose Guillen Express rumbled to another RBI late in the game. Guillen has done a good job of upping his trade value from "HA!" to "Meh." He's on a 7-game hitting streak, with RBI in the last 3. His current .277 OBP (wow, Guzman's was .260 last year) is as high as it's been since playing Boston a month ago. Jose Guillen fun fact: Since May 1, his OBP has been above .300, well, never.

Still, Barry sez that the Dodgers and Yankees are interested. Send relievers!

Barry also says that there are four main suitors for Soriano: Detroit, Seattle, Angels, Yankees. I'd suspect the Yankees are out, because of their unwillingness to send Hughes. Seattle's the most recent entry, but they lack the top tier prospects that Bowden should deman. The Angels are probably the best fit. They're loaded with prospects and really need outfield help. But their GM has traditionally been unwilling to part with his babes, as he continues to hoarde infielders and washed-up veterans as if they were tabbies and he were a cat lady.

The guy I'd most want is uberprospect Howie Kendrick, a 2B. (stats) Just to give you an idea of the kind of run he's on, here's the PCL leaderboard. Click on any column to sort. Good luck finding one where his name's not at or near the top.

Banks of the Anacostia has a good look at the Seattle and Detroit offers, giving a quick overview of the players the Nats would/should/could take.

But back to reality, FLop had a homer (yay!) but made two more errors (boo!) Austin Kearns got the night off to 'clear his head'. But really so that the team could keep Jose Guillen out there in 2006's version of 2005's Preston Wilson's drive for 90 RBI.

Micah Bowie is proving himself useful, as the long man this team desparately needed, but lacked. Every inning that he eats up is an inning that Rauch or Cordero don't need to pitch. And with the starters still having as much luck getting through the 7th inning as I have with winning that Pulitzer, he's pretty damn valuable. Rauch, sadly, has fallen off his pace-o'-death, but it's early, too. Frank did most of his damage with Majewski in August and September.

  • Anagram O' The Day, Austin Kearns: Nauseant Risk


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