Thursday, June 30, 2005

Guillen's A Good Guy. Sometimes.

Right before his game-winning hit in the eighth inning, the MASN cameras caught Jose Guillen smiling, laughing and joking with some people seated in the front row.

At the time, it struck me as odd considering the moment in the game, and especially because of Jose's cough::INTENSITY::cough.

A mole in the stands filled me in on some of the background. Apparently, the people Jose were talking to had prosthetic limbs. Given their age and their handicap, as well as the team's visit the other day, it's probably safe to assume they were veterans from Walter Reed.

Jose recently expressed admiration for what those veterans, in particular, have given.

Jose seemed to enjoy the conversation. It's pretty easy to speculate that they were requesting a game-winning hit.

He was more than eager to comply with their request.