Monday, April 18, 2011

Now That The Weekend Is Over...


That's more of a twitter post. Apologies.

(I'm sorta starting to kinda sort maybe just a tiny bit feeling good about this team.... i mean they suck... but the sum of their suck is greater than (or would it be lesser suck?) than their individual sucky parts. Sometimes.

Of course the starting pitching isn't this good... they're iced-down stinky fish. It's a collection of fourth starters, on a hot run. But then I think back to '05, and how decent outfield defense and a gargantuous park sorta made our ragtag bunch (Esteban Loaiza!?!?) look decent for long stretches. Hmmm...

Then I think back to '10... and how these miserable sacks of crap convinced me that last year could've been the year, had I squinted my eyes in the right way.

I'm like Phil Wood... everything revolves and gets compared to the year I bust my cherry. Alas.

In conclusion... EFF YOU GREINKE. I GOT YOUR WINNERS RIGHT HERE ::grabs nuts::


  • This is definitely the series sweep (and the 4 beers) talking, but over the next five years, I think I'd rather have Zimmermann, Espinsosa & Storen.

    By Blogger Nate, at 4/18/2011 1:12 AM  

  • Let's all take satisfaction in the fact that the Brewers mortgaged their future to have Greinke in the present and based upon what we saw this weekend they have neither a future NOR a present. :)

    By Anonymous bdrube, at 4/18/2011 7:16 AM  

  • Actually, it should be THANK YOU, GRIENKE. Espinosa, Zimmermann, and yes even Desmond look a lot better in a Nationals uniform than they would in a Royals uniform with Grienke here.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/18/2011 8:00 AM  

  • Agree that there's no way the pitching will continue to be this good, but I feel more optimistic with what I'm seeing than I have in about three or four years.

    Espinosa and Ramos look more and more like the real deal every day. This has the makings of being a potentially great infield for the future. If only I didn't still have to suffer through watching the dessicated corpse of Ivan Rodriguez get dragged out there every other day.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/18/2011 9:46 AM  

  • Hey! The 2005 pitching WAS good! Patterson could pitch if healthy, Livan wasn't into the zaftig portion of his career just yet, and Loaiza... well he was good in 2003 too so it's not a total shock. Add in one of those occasional good bullpen years and you have a solid pitching staff.

    My big question about 2005 is would they create such fond memories if they started 31-50 and roared back to finish .500, slowly closing the 4th to 5th place gap?

    By Blogger Harper, at 4/18/2011 10:28 AM  

  • Hey Boss! The Plan!

    THE PLAN!!

    By Anonymous ntr Tattoo, at 4/19/2011 8:37 AM  

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