Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm With StraStra


Next weekend, I'm celebrating my second anniversary.  Yes, not only did I find someone gullible enough to settle for me and my charming personality -- cause lord knows it's not for my looks or money -- she's stuck with me for two years.  Yay for all that.

Like a good husband, I scrambled around, trying to figure out what I could get her.  It's the cotton anniversary, but after last year's ream of Xerox paper didn't go well, I figured I'd buck tradition.

So that's where CoCo came in.  Like all the other hipsters, wannabe hipsters, hipster-haters, and wannabe hipster-haters in town, when word came that our favorite red-headed fired late night host was staging a road show, I jumped at the chance to pay for something I used to get for free, and would eventually get for free later. What else am I gonna do with that $200 anyway?

So CoCo's coming to town on June 8, and I'll be there in the front row.  Woo!

Then comes today.  As if Mike Rizzo weren't a loathsome enough personality, now we find out that Mr. Aura is a Jay Leno guy.  How else to explain it?  I hope he wakes up to a Masturbating Bear head in his bed tonight.

I won't see Strasburg's first start.  Looks like I won't see his second; he'll be ripping Manny Acta a new sphincter (thought I suspect we owe a debt of gratitude for Strasburg to Mr. Acta) in Cleveland.   Guess I better get my White Sox tickets soon, and start my own Strasburg Miniplan.

So come June 8, I'm with CoCo, not StraStra.  He better be fucking funny.

And I hope my wife loves me.


  • If I could figure out how, I'd post this on Facebook.

    I laughed out loud. If my wife had been in the room, I guarantee I'd have gotten a dirty look!

    Maybe you can be there for Boomer Whiting's debut in CF

    By Anonymous Sec314, at 5/31/2010 10:48 PM  

  • Great post. FJB, I believe, was flogging June 8 as the date of the Second Coming in very early May. Do not forget to DVR/Tivo/Tape the game.

    By Anonymous Sec 204 Row H Seat 7, at 6/01/2010 10:31 AM  

  • There is the small chance Conan will be starting for the Pirates that night.

    By Blogger Harper, at 6/01/2010 12:42 PM  

  • Any chance Strasburg might pull a Leno, come over to Constipation Hall and steal Conan's gig? If so, you'll be there.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/01/2010 2:29 PM  

  • Just curious, but if Conan is live does that mean he can step outside FCC regs for profanity for that show?
    If so, it could be more entertaining than watching Jesus carve up the Pirates. After all, they're not much better than what he's been facing in AAA.

    By Blogger Rob B, at 6/02/2010 8:58 AM  

  • Hi, it's We Should Be GMs ( again and we're looking to do a NL East roundup for May. Please email back answers as soon as possible, as I hope to compose the post within the next few days. Thanks!

    1. Why doesn't Adam Dunn get the same hype as Ryan Howard?

    2. What do Stephen Strasburg and Drew Storen mean for the Nationals and their fanbase?

    3. If the team is hovering around .500 near the end of July, do they keep the players and hope to break even come season's end of start trading the likes of Livan Hernandez, Christian Guzman, Matt Capps, etc.?

    4. What do you think are the Nats chances of contending after seeing them play for 2 months?

    By Blogger GM-Carson, at 6/02/2010 9:10 AM  

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