Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Can You Do With A Broken Wang?

In case you missed it, check out Fra Paolo's look at Wang and the guys he's trying to replace.  Though he doesn't update too often (more than me, though!), this is probably the best stats-focused Nats blog out there.  He understands the material and figures out questions and the occasional answer.  It's not just a regurgitation of Fangraphs or whatever David Cameron has left under his fingernails.

Short version: The sucky pitcher could replace the other sucky pitcher, especially if the other sucky pitcher sucks out.


  • I really hope they sign his brother too. After all, two Wangs make a right.

    By Anonymous Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_is_Too_Pessimistic_for_Me, at 2/21/2010 9:21 PM  

  • Two Wangs? Man, you're a pervert.

    I guess that's when you really pull for the ol' 6-4-3?

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 2/21/2010 11:28 PM  

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