Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because I Probably Can't Say This Over There


"MASN has named Rob Dibble as the new color commentator for the Washington Nationals. He will join play-by-play man Bob Carpenter in the booth beginning with the 2009 season under a multi-year contract with MASN."

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Back For More Cash

To the tens of tens of you who still visit here daily*, I'm back. Sort of.

* and aren't pornhounds disappointed in where google led them astray

First, buy this book! I again contributed to the Hardball Times Season Preview, chipping in a bunch of words about last year's team and players. It's a terrific way to kill off whatever buzz, excitement and hope you're feeling after yesterday's NatsFest! It's got an essay (of sorts) about last year's team with an eye towards this coming season. And I wrote a bunch of player comments, so you can finally know what I really think about Mike Bacsik*.

* OK, that one didn't make the cutting room floor, so here it is as a special bonus director's cut: HE SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS the skin off a rhino.

Second, as some of you have sorta figured out, I'm chipping in periodically to nbcwashington.com. I'll be writing about the teams we've come to know and hate.

My first Natscentric piece went up this morning. It's like what you've come to know and love and loathe here, but just with fewer swears. (Though I did get 'poop' in!*)

* next up: "douchebag"

So, in summation: buy my book and send clicks!!!