Monday, April 07, 2008

Gameday: Redding For Real?

Tim Redding strolls back out to the mound, trying to prove that his upped velocity is the reason why he has success last week, and that he really is for real -- even with meh BB and K numbers. He faces off against Florida's Andrew Miller, one of the key pieces of the Cabrera/Willis trade.

Miller's a tall, lean left-handed pitcher whose draft-day demands dropped him a few spots to the Tigers at 6 in 2006. Despite his pedigree, he's had little major-league success, though that's in fewer than 80 innings.

He throws a low-90s fastball, complimenting it with a cutter/slider (depending on who you believe!) and a change. With as righty-heavy as the Nats lineup is, that change is going to get a lot of work. Control has been a bit of a problem for him, so the Nats better have their walking caps on. If they don't have their good eyes working (and even if they do), there's a chance for lots of Ks -- assuming the Marlins all-world terrible defense doesn't do him in.

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