Sunday, December 02, 2007

Why Does ESPN Hate The Nats?

(The cool kids tell me that you need to rip ESPN if you're going to call yourself a blog)

The Mets released their tentative schedule the other day, and it was notable in that it didn't include a Sunday Night game in DC to start the season. I chalked that up to being tentative, but a throw-away line in the Daily News indicates that that might not be the case: "The Nationals had lobbied MLB for their new stadium to be unveiled with the opening Sunday night game against the Mets, but ESPN balked at that matchup."

The past tense of that makes it seem like a done deal.

I'm shocked! Shocked that ESPN wouldn't want to carry a game featuring one of the worst draws in all of sports. Don't they know that the opening of the new park is an event of great historical significance?


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