Monday, December 17, 2007

Heck Of A Job There, Stanny

Which troubled Nationals outfielder (no, not that one, the other one) has yet another restraining order against him, this one for threatening yet another one of his girlfriends (though perhaps not one of his baby's mommas -- at least for a few more months)?

If you guessed Elijah Dukes, congrats! Now make sure your deadbolt is locked.

This one stems from a relationship in the fall. After breaking up in October, he sent her some threatening messages. He followed that up with random phone calls, then a threatening visit on November 24. That's right around the time he jumped the Dominican team he was playing for. (You'll also recall that Tim Tolman spoke highly of Dukes right before this event, which tells you all you need to know about the credibility of Mr. Tolman on these issues.)

This comes in a week where the Nationals newly signed catcher was implicated in 1) illegal HGH use; 2) illegal steroid use -- namely Winstrol; 3) Pushing HGH and steroids on his fellow teammates; 4) placing orders for illegal steroids and HGH for teammates; 5) purchasing illegal steroids and HGH for his teammates.... basically he was a drug trafficker.

Heck of a week this team's having, eh?

Kasten finally did say something about the report. But as Stan Kasten is wont to do, he used a lot of words to say jack shit.

  • UPDATE: Charges against Dukes were dropped when the woman didn't show up at court today. False alarm, perhaps.

    It's a shame that bad things like this keep happening to good people.


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