Sunday, November 18, 2007

Your Eyebrow-Raising Sentence Of The Day

Ken Rosenthal sez that the Mets are close to re-signing former speedster Luis Castillo to a 4-year $25 millionish deal.

Included in his story is this head-scratcher:
The Astros, Nationals and Cubs all had expressed interest in Castillo, whom the Mets acquired from the Twins for two minor leaguers last July 30.

(emphasis added)

Why would we be in on Luis Castillo? We've got Belliard and Lopez... and Lopez really isn't tradeable for anything of value(at least without shipping some cash out of town).

I can imagine the scene --

Stan: Did you see that Luis Castillo's a free agent.
Jim: Yeah, he's a dynamic, toolsy speedster. I'm interested
Stan: We can't afford him.
Jim: {chugs vodka from a jug}



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