Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ESPN Readers Think Kasten Is Full Of It

At today's 49th stadium unveiling press conference, Stan Kasten apparently highlighted the cherry trees in the stadium as its signature. It's a really cool idea, and it'll look great for that first homestand or so. I just wish those damn blossoms lasted longer.

At any rate, according to the AP article, Kasten said, "We couldn't find another ballpark that had trees in the ballpark."

The commenters at ESPN -- some of the few people more bitter than I -- helpfully correct Stan.

  • A source close to the team -- I've always wanted to use that phrase like a real journalist! -- says that Kasten meant to say "cherry trees."

    I'm just glad I hid behind the ESPN commenters to do my dirty work, and didn't post the arboreal ballpark photos I've collected all afternoon! I'd have egg on my face then!

  • Meanwhile, Ball Wonk can think of one Washington Ballpark that had trees, and offers a list of suggestions for other things the new stadium needs.


    • Good post. I'm not going to slay Kasten for this at all though. I'm all for anything that makes the park different, even if it's been done before.

      Not sure that made sense. How about this: put the trees in PLAY. Now that's an idea.

      By Blogger Abhinav, at 3/14/2007 10:17 AM  

    • Funny thing is the trees will only have blossoms on them during the first week of the season. If the Nats don't start at home, no one will ever see them.

      I think it's kind of dumb, honestly.

      By Blogger Cathie, at 3/14/2007 4:23 PM  

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