Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Pro's Pro

Ever seen a flying ham? (That's a video)


  • Jim Bowden is nucking futs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/22/2007 11:15 PM  

  • Damn, I wish I could've seen Kasten's face when he saw that.

    He may have done a decent job this offseason, but crap like this is why he needs to go out with RFK.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/23/2007 1:24 AM  

  • You know what? I was amused. Lord knows every other GM was spitting out the same platitudes, tailored to the level of expectations for their teams. If we are going to suffer through the grind of "The Plan," we might as well have some fun in the meantime.

    That said, I would also guess that once the Nats start getting closer to the goal, Kasten will want someone less flamboyant in the GM seat. There's always Cold Pizza.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/23/2007 6:50 AM  

  • I still wonder how much of Bowden hanging around is Kasten's call and how much of it is the previous 8 months of Bowden ingratiating himself to Lerner Jr. If your boss likes the guy below you, it's pretty hard to fire him.

    Stan, call me! You can give me the real scoop. I won't tell anyone!

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 2/23/2007 8:42 AM  

  • Stan can look at that clip and take solace in at least one thing:

    Bodes wasn't wearing leather pants.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/23/2007 10:20 AM  

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