Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fouled-Off Bunts: Little Birdies Say Cheep Edition

The WaPo follows up on yesterday's comments by Uncle Teddy, demonizing those crazy players and their wacky salaries, which they obtain by using their vile Satanic powers to manipulate poor, unsuspecting owners.

Contrast this statment: Still, team officials acknowledge that they must persuade fans to share their view.

"People will get tired of hearing about 'The Plan,' but it's the truth," Mark Lerner, Ted's son and one of the club's principal owners, said in an interview.

With this: Mark Lerner said that while he didn't believe it made sense for the Nationals to invest heavily in a free agent market that he called "shocking," the club plans on raising payroll beginning with the 2008 season.

And this: Mark Lerner said his father is so involved in club business that he "checks every expense sheet, because that's how you find out where mistakes are being made."

I was pleased to see this: But team officials added that they don't intend to take "a dime out of the team for at least 10 years," Kasten said

It's wonderful that Mssrs Kasten, Lerner, Lerner, Cohen, Tanenbaum, and every other of the 14,000 or so other Lerners that appear to be coughemployedcough by the team are doing it for minimal compensation.

How many Lerners are there? So many that Uncle Teddy can't even keep straight which one is which. (Hopefully that's not the same eagle eye he's using to studiously scan the balance sheets)

  • Alex Escobar signed a 1-year contract for $530K. The Nats offered $500. He wanted $590. Only Patterson, Cordero and Kearns are left on the arbitration pile.

    The amazing thing about Escobar is that it only took him 125 Major League Games to become arbitration eligible. (For injuries incurred while on the MLB roster, service time continues to accrue)

    What's even more remarkable is that Chris Snelling, whom the Nats settled with last week, only took 59 games.

  • In an ironic twist, Frank Robinson has been hired by ESPN to take Jim Bowden's old Cold Pizza job. He'll report on most ESPN shows, especially about Jackie Robinson -- this is the 60th Anniversary year.

    Knowing the four letter's proclivity towards synergy, expect Mr. Frank to pop up on next week's Desperate Housewives as the cranky old neighbor who waters his driveway in his slippers and yells at passing children.

  • The official online-only Nationals beat writer of Capitol Punishment has a look at the competition in left. It's a Casto/Snelling/Church/Escobar fourway o' doom.

    This makes me hate Nook Logan even more.

  • The story of the day comes from The Sports Bog. There are any number of ways one could go with this, especially in light of the league-low salary they're paying Manny Acta. But when your manager is reduced to bargaining for a second-hand jacket in a public appearance at a grocery store? (Do you suppose that Acta's in charge of clipping all the coupons from the Sunday Paper?)

  • Shocking news out of S. Capitol Street -- the stadium is having more cost overruns. Who could've seen that one coming? (Expect a "Stay The Course, Stan" jpg at BPG any time now)

  • The late and lamented Distinguished Senators returned from his dormancy last week. He's back again this week, pointing out that Tony Womack might be Manny Acta's first test.

  • Harper at OMG takes a crack at predicting the team's record using projections for the offense, and some best guesses with the pitching.

  • MissChatter learns something about the best laid plans of Nats and men.

  • Nats 320 speaks with Chuck Slowes and the nattily attired Dave Jageler, getting them to badmouth Tony Armas and Ramon Ortiz!

  • Today's "Ummmm.... yeah" post of the day is brought to you by this guy.


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