Saturday, June 10, 2006

Down To Four!!!

With last night's win-turned-loss-turned-win over the Phillies, the Nats are now in third place, tied with Atlanta, and "only" four games under .500. Amazing!

I'm too lazy to write about the game, but that's ok, because if you missed it (and, hell, even if you watched every stinking/wonderful pitch, you'll want to relive it!) check out TP and CW for the happy/overjoyed recaps!

The only thing I'll say about it is that Bill Bray has balls of steel. Not only did he completely dominate the Phillies for three freakin' innings, but he did it with a confidence, a cold determination that was impressive. Watching him strut around the mound like he was a 10-year veteran, despite looking like a 20-year old kid. (The contrast with Joey Eischen's nervous flailings and pickings couldn't be any more stark...nor could the quality of their throws!) Needless to say, our newest bullpen ace wins his first Majority Whip. It's just a shame that the team couldn't get him the win. He really deserved it.


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