Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back In Black

Our friends at Baseball Primer point to this Yahoo story on MLB.TV's idiotic blackout rules. It turns out that we're not the most aggrieved; fans in Iowa are.

It's an interesting article, but it makes one HUGE mistake. The blackout rules aren't in place to protect ticket sales, but advertising dollars. They want you watching your local sports network (ie MASN) so that the ratings go up and advertisers pay 'em more cash.

Most interesting is this graphic, which shows which areas are blacked out from which games. You can see that Iowa is completely screwed. And you've gotta feel bad for baseball fans in Charlotte. They're really getting fecked.

  • UPDATE: As DM points out in the comments, he's written an excellent post on this issue, wondering what the cost would be for MLB to allow people to buy their way out of the blackout -- IOW, how much does the local broadcaster collect from you? The answer is surprisingly high.


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