Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Take Off Your Tin Foil Hat

Nationals.com has magically pulled the Brian Schneider complacency story out of the ol' memory hole.

Interestingly, it's changes slightly. There are no longer direct accusations of 'complacency' from a "baseball source". The rest of the story, though, reads as if the first paragraph were still there. I guess that the writer either attributed something that was off the record, or that someone with the team was upset with the coverage.

  • Of note, the ummm... notes note that the Yankees have been sniffing around Ryan Church. Go for it. It's clear that this team isn't going to give him a fair chance (and one of those ubiquitous 'baseball sources' says that he needs a fresh start).

    So just trade him and get something for him before the team entirely squits his value away.

  • Pedro Astacio makes his first rehab start Friday.

  • The official pitcher of Nationals Farm Authority, Sean Hill, gets a crack at the Dodgers on Sunday.

  • John Patterson threw from the mound the other day, throwing just fastballs. (It'd be breaking balls that'd really irritate his forearm/elbow) He had a bit of stiffness, and has been pushed back until mid-June.

    I guess he's just a wus.

    Bowden continues to trot out the 'if we were in a pennant race card', but I don't believe that for a second. If he were healthy enough to pitch through something, his return date wouldn't keep getting pushed back over and over and over and over. Likely, Bowden's putting on a good face, trying not to let others know how desparate the team is for starting pitching, especially as he continues to talk trade (in a vague sense) to come up with a solution for the latest pitching crunch.