Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

Yesterday's nationals.com notes had a section about Brian Schneider, which I ranted about last night.

It quoted an anonymous baseball source as saying that Brian Schneider has become complacent since signing his four-year contract, indicating that that helps to explain his poor start, and, presumably, why, in part, he's on the DL. It followed with some brief comments from Schneider indicating that it was just a slow start, and that he's confident that he'll hit better, and that he doesn't know why anyone would call him complacent since he's involved in the games (ie: he's not a Ryan Church).

Yet, when you look at the notes this morning, it's gone. Why?

It can't be because of space considerations. There isn't a word count on the internet.

Did someone from the team complain? Was Bill Ladson citing something that was completely off the record?

It just smells fishy, doesn't it? For an outlet which strives to maintain some sense of impartiality from the team it covers, it certainly raises a lot of questions.


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