Friday, April 28, 2006

We Mean It This Time!

The Washington Post, fresh from burying Channel 9's report about ownership, does their own reportin' and stuff. They claim that MLB will have the owner named by next Thursday, the day they break ground at the new stadium site.

For what it's worth, Bob DuPuy (file photo) says that the new owner will be voted on at next month's owner's meetings, and that they new administration will be completely in place by mid-June.

  • In the Rumor and Hearsay Department, a BPGer claims that the Lerners had a victory party the other night.

  • Random thought.... The Post article cites a meeting that Selig had with sports editors, and the Post's Assistant SE is listed as a contributor. Was that just DC-area sports writers? Was that something regular that the Commisar does? Was there something else they talked about? Something important off-the-record? Inquiring (and even lazy) minds want to know!


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