Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kasten/Lerner Merge

Surprising absolutely no one, Stan Kasten and Ted Lerner have merged their bids, effectively cementing their place as the team's new ownership group. Everything still looks like it's on track for an end-of-week naming, in time for the Nats' return from their Philly roadtrip.
Kasten would become the Washington Nationals' president and would own an interest in the franchise under the agreement he struck with the Lerners, according to sources familiar with the process. Kasten, who until recently had headed his own group of investors, may bring some minority partners with him, which would contribute to the diversity of the Lerner group, sources said.

Pack your bags, Tony Tavares. Thanks for your efforts, but don't let the door hit you on your ample ass when you leave. (Actually, let it. After the ticket snafus, it's the least you deserve.)

Kasten is a professional, and he likes professional baseball men. There ain't nothing about Bowden that can be described as a professional baseball man. And after today's revelations, there's almost zero chance he survives. It wouldn't shock me to see one of his old Atlanta connections head to DC with him. Look for Frank Wren or Dayton Moore to fill the job, and to change the culture of this craptastic franchise.

There's an owner's meeting scheduled for next month, so if everything remains on schedule, the keys will be turned over within a month, even if Kasten will effectively be running things by the end of the week.



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