Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jim Bowden Arrested

You can't make this crap up! Jim Bowden was arrested Sunday night for drunk driving. He says he's going to plead not guilty. Tony Tavares says that the team isn't going to take any action at this point.

But you've gotta believe that this will kill whatever slim chance he had of holding onto his job, right?

More later when we know more of the story....

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  • WaPo's story is up. Nothing new or terribly exciting.
  • Thanks to NFA's Scott for pointing to this ESPN article which has much more (and damning) evidence:
    A Miami Beach police report said the 44-year-old Bowden refused to take a breath-alcohol test after he was stopped at 2:22 a.m. Monday. An officer said he saw Bowden run the stop sign on Collins Avenue, a main thoroughfare in the South Beach neighborhood. He failed field sobriety tests and was arrested, the report said.

    The report said that "a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage" emanated from the gray 2006 Cadillac STS that Bowden was driving and that he had "bloodshot eyes, glassy eyes, flush red face and slurred speech." The arresting officers concluded that Bowden "was unable to operate a motor vehicle safely."

    Under Florida's implied consent law, refusal to submit to a breath test results in an automatic driver's license suspension of at least six months. Bowden had a California driver's license when he was stopped and listed a Los Angeles home address, according to the police report

  • It gets interesting now. Apparently, Bowden's fiancee, Joy Browning, was also arrested for attacking Jim.
    A second police report said that about 10 minutes before Bowden was pulled over, two officers saw he and his girlfriend, 36-year-old Joy Browning, arguing along nearby Ocean Drive. After assuring police that everything was fine, they drove off and allegedly ran through the stop sign.

    Police then noticed that Bowden had scratches on his right ear and left cheek and told Browning she would be arrested for a domestic violence charge. She refused to get out of the car and struck one of the officers twice after he took her cell phone, police said.

    Browning faces a May 8 arraignment on charges of felony resisting arrest with violence, resisting arrest without violence and simple battery.

    Not a good week for Mr. Bowden, is it?
  • Because you know you want to, here's Jim Bowden's mugshot.


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