Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Should He Stay, No He Went Edition

Soriano's jog home is the great debate of today. I explained why I think it's a bad move in yesterday's thread and in the comments. And if you missed the link at the bottom of that post, Dave Sheinin's story on that one play is today's must-read.

--Missed the play? Here's the video. (Note that Tom Paciorek is already in mid-season homer form.)
--The NY Post celebrates Paul LoDuca's play, calling him the Master of Illusion. Me? I think he's a cheatin' bastard.
--Federal Baseball analyzes the bejeesus out of the play, noting all 400 things that Tony Beasley needed to take into account before whirling his hands around like a spasmodic gymnast.
--Nats Blog breaks out the ERV scoring system for a brand new year. ERV scoring simply assigns a cost to each play and divides it up to each player on the field according to what they could have done. Check out their site for more info. Needless to say, the Soriano play was the biggest play of the game. Also check out their attempt to determine whether Vidro's play that ended the game was a good one.

  • Didn't have time to read Tom Boswell's column this morning? Here, lemme summarize for you:
    Dear Diary,
    I saw him today he's sooo totally cute. His smile makes me tingle inside like butterflies. He had a hit today!1! he is good people who make fun of him, like, are totally missing it. He's so good!11!1 And, like, when he totally got tagged out, I was, like, unfair! He just ran hard and tried! I would run hard to lol! He is smart he knew to dive. I think I love him. Do you think he'll ask me to the Prom?


  • The Farm Authority notes that the Nats have finally set their minor league rosters.

  • Notes on Notes:
    --Marlon Byrd's going to be Soriano's late-inning legs, which Frank says will limit his ability to PH earlier in games. Gee, great.
    --Ryan Drese definitely gets the start against the Astros, with about 85 pitches as his limit. No word on who they'll send down. Bergmann perhaps?
    --Frank likes Jon Rauch right where he is: last man out of the bullpen/official extra-innings-game loser.
    --Robert Fick C/jerk says that he should be ready by the home opener. Who would get the axe then? Ward?

    Other Notes:
    --Livan says his knee is perfect. Ummm... sure.
    --Randy St. Claire says that Drese might not be ready: "I just don't think he has the pitch count you'd like to see"
    --Jose Guillen's self-reported contract extension came and went, and he says he's happy. Ummmm.... sure.

  • Brad Wilkerson is very happy to be playing left (despite his ohfer). Click through if only to see the worst picture of Brad Wilkerson ever taken.


    • One play does not make a season. I think too much energy is focused on did-he-hustle-was-he-out-did-loduca-
      cheat rather than on the other, more important, and more relevant to the entire season elements of the game, like the inability to get a clutch hit, the little league like defense, and the refreshingly good pitching out of the pen.

      There are still 161 of these types of games to go. Unless our karma changes. Or Bowden gets fired. Or both.

      By Blogger Cathie, at 4/04/2006 3:17 PM  

    • Brad struck out again yesterday, think the Rangers care?

      By Blogger Harper, at 4/05/2006 9:50 AM  

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