Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Zephyrs Chipping In In New Orleans

Jonathan Mayo has a nice story at about the New Orleans Zephyrs involvement in rebuilding a local Boys and Girls Club.

The Zephyrs' park was in a part of town which escaped the worst of the damage. As a result, a large number of residents relocated in the area, increasing the need for the club.

Read the full story to see what the Zephyrs are doing, and for more information about Frank's Foundation and the Magical Builders, who are helping to coordinate the repairs. There's also audio from the Zephyrs' GM about the project.

It'd be wonderful for the Nationals to get involved. I know they gave away some free tickets to Katrina evacuees, but I never heard about anything else. The link between the Nats and Zephyrs is new, but even a small effort here could go a long way towards forming a solid bond.


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