Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Guzman Hurt Worse Than We Thought?

Cristian Guzman, who went down with a spot of the ol' bursitis, might be hurt worse than expected. He's on his way to Cincinnati for a second opinion.

Meanwhile, our fair-to-mediocre GM gets condescending:
"The decision to send him for an evaluation by Timothy Kremchek, a regular medical consultant for the Nationals, is a "red flag," Bowden said, an indication that Guzman might not be ready for several weeks.

You get a second opinion, doesn't that intellectually mean anything to you?" Bowden asked. "Honestly, you don't have to be a GM to know that it's a concern to go get the other opinion."

Meanwhile, Royce Clayton is champing at the bit. Oh, and he gets condescending, too:
Clayton, for now, will be doing the revving up, though he said emphatically that Guzman's health would in no way change the way he prepares for the season....

"I've started how many games? Over 1,800 games at shortstop?" Clayton said. "What differently can I possibly do?"

Well, for one, you could try not sucking.

Clayton's a miserable offensive shortstop. This decade, he's only had one season where he's been within 25% of league average offensively, and that came back in 2001! (STATS)

He doesn't get on base: Career .313 OBP. He doesn't hit homers (double digits in just 3 of his 15 seasons). He doesn't walk (Just one season with more than 50).

He's been on a long decline for the last 5-6 years, which only some Coors-aided stats mask. In fact, his OPS over the last three years (.682) slightly outpaces Cristian Guzman's (.653) DESPITE that counting a season Clayton spent in Colorado and Guzman's amazingly incompetent 2005.

And all that for the bargain price of $1 million should he make the roster.

If the Nationals need a shortstop, which it's clear they did last year and this year, they should've looked in another direction. Clayton can fill in, but he should be buried far down the depth chart.

He may carry the important label of a 'proven veteran', but the only thing he's proven is that he stinks.

The Nationals simply need to do better.

  • The League-run, internet-only news service weighs in.

    It does include this gem: If he makes the roster, Clayton will get a salary of $1 million. Clayton said on Wednesday that the Nationals have not approached him about improving his contract.

    If it didn't hurt so much, I'd laugh.


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