Monday, March 27, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: I Have Too Many Windows Open So Don't Expect Anything Coherent Edition

I missed this last week, because updated its story several times, but Jim Bowden apparently offered Alfonso Soriano a 5-year $50 million contract extension, which Soriano had turned down. I recall that Ken Rosenthal and Tom Boswell both speculated that that could happen, but this was the first time that I've seen reference to it actually happening. I'll spare you the analysis now -- I'm sure you could fill your own in!
Soriano said: "It's not the money. It's about me, the love that I have for the game and the fans. It's more important for me to play the game. If I worried about the money, I would have taken the $50 million when [Bowden] asked to sign to stay in Washington."

It is believed that the Nationals offered Soriano a five-year, $50 million extension.

  • The griping about Soriano has begun. He misplayed a line-drive to left-center yesterday, and Jose Cardinal says that he's not shagging enough flyballs to get ready (When did they start hitting liners when shagging?) WaPo says that Soriano blows Cardinal off. says that Soriano "hasn't been available."

    Meanwhile, reports that Frank Robinson pulled Soriano aside and told him to run hard to first. Soriano loves to showboat watch the ball, and in this case, he didn't run a flyball out. That's one of the maddening things about Soriano, and could be a flashpoint with a redass manager like Frobby. Remember, he was on Guillen's case for that last year.

    Interestingly, Jim Bowden did a few innings of the Nats game on Friday night, and embarassed himself with his huckster fanboy impersonation. After Soriano cranked out the homer to left, Bowden screamed, bellowed, cheered, and pratically soiled his pants with excitement. Then, on the replay, Bowden pointed out how much he loved Soriano's SWAGGER! and confidence in just standing at the plate admiring his homer. Perhaps he'd like to talk to Frank about that?

  • While we're talking about disgruntled outfielders.... Jose Guillen's sciosciometer is rising. He wants an extension, and he wants it now! Jose SMASH!
    He declined to talk about the type of contract that he wants, but according to two sources, he wants a five-year deal worth $50 million. However, the Nationals are offering a four-year deal that would pay between $6.5 and $7 million per season. Washington is not planning to go to the $10 million per year range, according to one source

    5-$50 Jose? Good luck with that one. Even a four-year deal is a bit much. You just never know when he's going to blow up. $7 million is a pretty good deal for the production he provides though.

    I'm sure this story'll stick around for a few days.

    Regardless, there's a chance that Guillen starts the season on the DL, and that he wants to be sure he's healthy before playing. (Interesting how this is a priority in a contract year, huh?)

  • also reports that the Nats were (are?) close to trading Joey Eischen to the Tigers for Nuke Logan. Logan is less than useless, but Eischen isn't anything special. The article says that that would free up a spot for Bill Bray to be a second lefty, although it seems like he's not necessarily the most deserving.

    One thought though.... Joey Eischen was re-signed as a free agent. Isn't there a rule that signed Free Agents can't be traded until June (or something like that?)

  • The same article contains this laughable assertion: "One source also said that Washington is looking into the possibility of trading outfielder Michael Tucker, who has looked overmatched at times this spring."

  • Saturday, everyone was worried about Zimmerman's errors (except Zimmerman, who blamed the boredom of spring) FRobby didn't like that answer, and talked to him: "Robinson talked to the rookie near the batting cage and told him to watch what he said. Robinson didn't like that Zimmerman wasn't that concerned about his defensive lapses.

    "He said nothing was wrong with what I said, but it might have come out wrong," Zimmerman said."

    So how did Zimmerman respond? Two two-run homers'll get FRobby off your back!

  • Patterson looked great, again. Tony Armas stunk. Regardless, the rotation is set -- by default, as it were.

  • Speaking of default... The Church/Byrd platoon that I've been pushing since God knows when seems like it's going to finally be a reality.

  • Federal Baseball notes a report that Brad Wilkerson is having shoulder problems, even if the MRI didn't show any problems.

  • Down with Comcast! organized an Anti-Comcast rally with a bunch of area politicians (including an alleged anti-semite/Wil Cordero All-Star) lobbing veiled threats at Comcast. District of Baseball was there, and has a first-hand report. The WaPo has a story, and the AP carries Comcast's side. Me? I wish they'd both burn in hell. (Why is my basic cable bill over $50 a month now??)

  • Hey, did you know the Nats Farm System sucks? The basic article mentions some of the changes they've put in place. Meanwhile, NTP wonders what could've been.

  • Distinguished Senators has his always enjoyable Season Preview, now with less swears! (Comparatively) On the Nats: "DFL isn't a very reliable guy, and he'll probably be spending his summer in Detroit or Milwaukee or somewhere like that, leaving us to suck really bad." Who's DFL? You'll have to click to find out.


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