Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Guillen Being Guillen Edition

Jose Guillen, fresh off a tendon injury, and still rehabbing from surgery from a torn labrum took some live batting practice for the first time yesterday.

The Post says he took 30 swings, says 40. Let's split the difference. Guillen, who doesn't know how to pace himself, says he didn't feel any pain, and that his shoulder is close to 100%. Has he learned anything from last year, when he tried to play through his torn labrum?
"Trust me, if there was some pain in there, I was going to stop because I got to be smarter than that."

He continued to vow Wednesday that he would take more time off during the season should he come down with similar maladies. But he admitted that sitting out during the spring is easier than in the regular season.

"If it was the regular season, then it's a different scenario, when you go in there and try to risk," Guillen said. He said he starts to think: " 'You know I need to play. I need to go in there.' That was the situation last year. But trust me, if that happens this year, it's not going to be like last year. I've got to be smart enough [to know] when to stop and when I need to shut it down when some of these injuries happen."

I don't have much faith, do you? Especially with an enabling front office.

  • Jon Rauch went five innings yesterday, giving up just one run. He's penciled in as the long reliever (remember, he can't be sent back down to New Orleans without passing through waivers, where he'd be instantly snapped up by the Rockies), but could his longer appearance yesterday be an attempt to see if he can handle starting again? He's coming off a torn labrum last year, and probably needs to build up some arm strength. And given the struggles of Astacio and Ortiz (not to mention the AWOL Armas), he's probably in the mix with everyone.

  • Livan's knee is almost there. Although this photo doesn't instill much confidence. Svelt!

  • Eischen made his spring debut, pitching one inning. He seems to have a rubber arm, so there's a chance he can make the opening day roster.

  • How's your Spanish? How does Soriano for Griffey sound? Bien?

  • WWN reports that USA Today reports that (following that?) Lerner and Smulyan are the finalists for the team. I guess the Canine BBQ disqualified Malek?

  • Proving that bloggers are a cynical, miserable lot of human beings, the Times interviews the ol' man on the street, and gets positive marks for the stadium.

  • The Times has breaking news: The Stadium Is Expensive! At least it tries to explain why.

  • Federal Baseball takes a look at spring training stats, and tries to figure out if they're giving us any clues to the few battles the team has. (Great news if you're fans of lousy backup catchers who abuse women)

  • NFA notes the recent axing of Mssrs. Escobar, Blanco and Vento. Off to the minors they go.

  • OMG looks at Alex Escobar and what the Nats had to give up to get the always-injured former prospect, and what that shows about our fair-to-mediocre GM's GMing abilities.


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