Tuesday, March 14, 2006

But What Do The Bloggers Think About The Stadium?

Cause we know that that's the most important question...

  • Ball Wonk: "surprisingly non-crappy"
  • Nats Blog: "I will need convincing on this one"
  • Oleanders: "It’s nice, but it is not iconic."
  • Beltway Boys: "I will say that I like it. But I was hoping that I'd love it."
  • Nasty Nats: "From the drawings alone, I'm not overwhelmed"
  • Banks of the Anacostia: "It's hard to put into words just how much I like the look of this new stadium."
  • Federal Baseball: "It reminds me of my golf game: frustrating and rife with the same flaws as countless times before, but ultimately something I love"
  • Nats Triple Play: "I know this is good news, but I'm underwhelmed."
  • Thurdl Sports: "I like the look and feel of the stadium."
  • Garfield Ridge: "the overall design lacks "soul"-- at first glance, I was reminded of the most unsuccessful ballpark of the modern era, that steel-and-glass monstrosity, Chicago White Sox's U.S. Cellular Field."
  • K Street Blues: "I think I like it. I'll think about it some more, though."
  • BeyondDC: "Attractive? Yes. Revolutionary? No. Iconic? Passably, we suppose."
  • Curly W: "Why is everyone so up in arms about a view of the Capitol Dome? Personally, I'd rather be constantly reminded that I'm at a baseball game than constantly reminded that I'm in D.C."
  • FoolBlog: "[The high upper deck] prevents obstructed-view seating, but that's sacrificing the view of thousands to the benefit of a couple hundred."

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