Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: What's In A Name Edition

Here's the background on the Name thing: Post/Times.

Essentially this company claimed the rights to the name a year or two before the move to DC. When MLB discovered this, they began negotiating for the rights. MLB thought they had an oral agreement. Bygone said nope. MLB names the team. Bygone's price goes way up. MLB sues Bygone. Bygone's rights are upheld. MLB re-sues. Trial in April. Either way, it's nothing that a big bag o' cash, or a name change can't fix.

But it does make you question the competence of MLB's lawyers. Relying on an oral agreement with a company which appears to be a squatter? Oy!

  • Nationals Journal, the WaPo's blog is back again. We lost a saint, but we gained a monkey. Yay! More Panera jokes!

  • Hey, look at this! Zuckerman's getting in on the WaPo's action -- just without the IT architecture to actually support a chat:
    Got a question about the Nats? Mark Zuckerman has the answers. The Times' beat reporter for the Nationals will respond to your questions on-line and in print each Monday, beginning Feb. 27. Send questions to Mark at

    Maybe the WaPo could sue the Time for infringement?

  • Sheinin and Loverro get the ol' tag-team combo going with Bowden and Frank. Apparently, Franks' not too happy about not having an actual backup catcher on the roster (especially with one who already has a sore throwing arm!):
    "From what I read, that is the perfect scenario for this ballclub. That's what I read."

    Asked if he was comfortable with that, Robinson said: "That's the first time I've been asked. It's a little late now. You would think that would be something coming from the manager, wouldn't you? But you guys chose to go to the general manager. So I am not going to comment and second guess the general manager. I just work here."

    Strangely, didn't run this quote.

    Let's see if we can keep the Dysfunctional Family Circus straight:
    --Tony Tavares hates Frank; Loves Bowden
    --Frank hates Tony Tavares; lukewarm, at best, towards Bowden
    --Bowden claims to love everyone, especially lithe outfielders, but probably hates Frank.

    Confused yet?

    This is what we know: They fired Frank's buddies/field staff. They hired his field staff without letting him have much input. The team president ripped the bejeesus out of him in an end-of-year interview, and probably didn't want him back. Frank (and this is something I've heard third-hand, so take it with a grain of salt) wasn't invited to the Winter meetings, but flew down on his own, essentially forcing his way into the offseason debate. And Frank's had apparently little to no input on the offseason plans, hence the backup catcher and Jamey Carroll issues.

    This is almost like Christmas at my house! All we need now is Grandma drinking too much eggnog, and telling me how fat I've gotten.

  • The Nats offered a minor league contract to Pedro Astacio. It's an interesting gamble, but, again, I'm not really sure how he'd fit in, and it's doubtful that he'd be willing to start the season in New Orleans. As it is, we have three pitchers (most of whom have as many questions as Astacio) fighting for the final two spots. Depth is important in the starting rotation, for sure, but it's easier to have depth with players like Darrell Rasner whom you can send down to the minors at the end of spring training, instead of having to cut them, like you probably would with Astacio. Anyone know what happened to Rasner?

  • The Times is characterizing Brian Lawrence's shoulder problems as an 'injury', which is a bit worrisome. He's had some stiffness, which has prevented him from doing all his drills. Maybe that's the explanation for the apparent interest in Pete A?

  • Sammy Sosa continues to do the right thing, rejecting the Nats upgraded $1 million offer.

  • Blogger Alley:
    --Senators and Federalist hate Guzman.
    --Farm Authority lists the lists listing how sucky our farm system is. Apparently, this Zimmerman kid's supposed to be good.


    • Eating veggie dogs ain't gonna make you thin, Fatboy!

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/22/2006 11:32 AM  

    • I sure hope MLB gives the go ahead and approves the lease deal in the near future. We're rapidly approaching the two years to the deadline mark. The city really does need to start this process moving forward pretty soon if they're going to have any chance at all to make it by opening day '08.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/22/2006 4:43 PM  

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