Friday, February 10, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Sosa For Cheap

I heard Peter Gammons on the radio this morning. He said that Sosa has been offered $500,000 by the Nats. He also indicated that he doesn't that Sosa will accept and that he'll slink off into the sunset. If I was a betting man, I'd say that Sosa will accept. But that also shows the problem with Sosa: he doesn't have an awareness of his status. It's not 1999 anymore. Sosa has to stop living off the four touchdowns he scored for Polk High School.

Proving that either all the world's crises have been solved, or that Sosa once pissed off a Moonie, the Washington Times editorializes against Sosa.

  • Soriano's arbitration hearing came and went. By the end of the day, we could know whether Soriano is a rich man or a richer man.

  • stadium blah blah stadium blah blah blah stadium blah. (It only feels like that)

    The Post and Times have basic overviews of the final document (pdf) which baseball released yesterday.

    The Post article has the Bud Selig galling quote o' the day:
    "You think you've seen it all. And then you realize you haven't," Selig said in an interview yesterday. "I've been involved in 18 stadium negotiations, and all of them are difficult and controversial. I've been doing this my whole adult life. But this thing that happened in Washington tops them. It is already legendary in baseball for political intrigue. When it comes to demagoguery, a lot of what happened down there would have made Huey Long blush."

    WWN sums up the appropriate reaction best:
    Um, dumbass if you had not strung EVERYBODY along about naming an owner, you could have had something much closer to the rubberstamp lease that would have benefitted all involved. An eight year old could have forseen this nonsense. There is no high road for you to take -- you sir are a national disgrace!

  • Boswell has another mildly annoying column in which he sympathizes far too much with the cretins in charge of MLB. I might take a few more hacks at my objections to it later. It's a good column in that he gets lots of on-the-record quotes from Selig and some not-so-on-the-record from a 'source' coughdupuycoughormaybeevenselighimselfcough.

  • The Times notes the signing of more stiffs:
    Mike Bacsik
    Jim Crowell
    Brandon Larson (former Red!)
    Anthony Medrano
    Rayner Bautista
    God bless the fine people of Harrisburg! They're going to need it.

  • Despite his best protestations, Federal Baseball is again hosting today's open chat (for us obsessives, at least).


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