Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And The Worst Comparison Of The Day Is....

"If somebody has a good year, stays injury-free and goes out there and does their job, I don't know why you would expect that person to take a backup role," [Royce] Clayton said. "If Roger Clemens goes out and pitches well and does his job, I don't think there would be teams that expect him to take a role as a reliever. I don't know why anyone would expect me to do that when I feel my abilities are going on the upswing, not the other way." -- MLB.com

I understand that professional athletes need confidence, and need to believe that they're the best. It's that edge that makes them who they are, but....

One of these lines is Royce Clayton over the last three years. The other is right-handed batters versus Roger Clemens over those same three years:
A: .260/ .320/ .362
B: .233/ .288/ .372

Don't cheat! Who's who?


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