Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Who Knew? Edition

Baseball Analysts takes a look at crappy farm systems around the league and concludes that the Nats have the worst. It's hard to argue with that.
In the end, none of these systems look to be particularly impressive. However, I think the Nationals and Reds clearly stand out as the two worst teams. Given the potential of Bailey and Bruce, and my high thoughts for Denorfia, I think Cincinnati probably has the better system.

This gives the Washington Nationals, understaffed for years, the worst system in Major League Baseball. As this team finds an owner, and likely a new staff in the coming year, we can only hope an emphasis is placed on a farm system that offers very little hope.


  • Ladson's back with another mailbag. There's nothing really exciting in there, other than evidence of Ladson's man-crush on Andre Dawson.

  • Jack Evans throws his hands up like he's French, again. "Legislatin' and lobbyin' is hard! Why won't these idiots just vote the way I vote?"

    There's a Friday deadline to get the lease on the agenda in time for the February Council meeting. If it's not ready be Friday, the Council won't be able to get to it til their next meeting in March.

  • The team has offered minor league deals to Daryle Ward and Felix Rodriguez.

    Ward is a left-handed first baseman with moderate power. He doesn't get on base, shouldn't play anywhere other than first, and is about as slow as I am. A spring training invite won't hurt, but he'd be a long shot to make the team, unless Nick Johnson breaks. Again.

    Rodriguez is an interesting possibility. He's had a long string of decent seasons, before stinking up the park in limited playing time last season. With the volatility of bullpen pitchers, and the health of Luis Ayala slightly up in the air, it's a good idea to bring him in.

    The same article notes that the team is also interested in Ugueth U. Urbina. These two sentences say it all: Urbina, 31, is currently in a Venezuelan prison on attempted murder charges. The source said if Urbina is set free, he could be a good fit out of the bullpen for the Nationals.

    Anyone know what Lawrence Phillips is up to now? If you missed the Urbina news, here's some background.

  • The Devil Rays rejected the Nats offer of Bill Bray for Joey Gathright. In terms of talent, that would have been a good deal for the Nats. But in terms of need? Do we really need another slap-hitting outfielder?

  • Mr. Beasley speaks!


    • Hmm...and what is the common denominator between the two teams with the worst farm systems?

      Hint: it's not Barry Larkin or Bob Boone.

      By Blogger Brandon, at 1/24/2006 10:24 AM  

    • Dammit! I was gonna guess Bob Boone!

      How about... Jose Rijo?

      By Blogger Chris Needham, at 1/24/2006 10:30 AM  

    • It was just reported a little while ago that Williams says he's going to have a plan ready to be submitted on Friday.

      I can hardly blame Evans for being frustrated, being one of the biggest stadium supporters. I believe that this next meeting is really the last chance to get it done. If Williams submits a revised plan and the council votes it down, MLB is going to conclude that city has no intention of building the stadium.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/24/2006 1:15 PM  

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