Friday, January 20, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Radio Days Edition

A few more details trickle in about the Nats Radio deal. It's for three years for undisclosed figures on AM 1500 AND FM 107.7.

Why is it undisclosed? If the Washington Post is part of the radio network (Hell, they're the name of the freakin' station), why can't the Post reporters get the number? Are they not looking hard enough? Are they encouraged to not look harder? It doesn't mean much, but for an industry which has gone to such great lengths to avoid conflicts of interest (notably in the Post's stupid refusal to let its reporters vote for MVP and Cy Young), it seems that this sort of arrangement could create a lot of little conflicts.

  • Just passing this along....
    EX-AM 1510’er Dave Jageler’s ascendance to the Washington Nationals broadcast booth at WTWP AM and FM is a testament to his persistence and talent, but according to one source in Boston and another in DC, the reason for the opening was due to former Bruins announcer Dave Shea’s work ethic. Said one source, “ Dave Shea is known as a pretty lazy guy in this business and that’s why he’s out.”

  • Les Carpenter has an interesting story about the Iranian Hostage, who upon their release, were given lifetime passes to major league baseball games. He tracks some of the passes down, and finds out what they've done with them. Carpenter, from what I've seen, is a solid writer, but they didn't really use him this year.

  • Jim Bowden, as you'd suspect, isn't overly thrilled with the World Baseball Classic, even if he understands what they're trying to do with it.
    "But when you look at it from your club, it's a distraction. It takes key players from every team. You may have a new player who may not get to play with his new teammates as much as you would like to get ready for Opening Day."


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