Friday, January 27, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Delinquent Blogger Edition

Missed me? Wait... you're not supposed to ask a question you don't know the answer to. Forget I asked then.

  • Nats are still interested in Sosa. Despite having no other suitors, Sosa wants guaranteed money. At this point, he's like a past Presidential Candidate (say Gore or Dole) stepping forward, demanding his party's Presidential nomination because he was once successful before. It's too bad that Sosa doesn't realize that he doesn't even rise to their level. He's like Lyndon Larouche at this point.

  • ibid, The Nats are close to naming John Wetteland as Bullpen coach. Wetteland had a solid reputation as a Yankee, and several media reports noted that he worked hard with Mariano Rivera, teaching him how to properly prep for a game.

  • It doesn't seem like there's a deal on the lease yet. Today's supposed to be the deadline to still have a vote on 2/7, but Vince Morris seems to indicate that there's another hearing (or that they could schedule one) on the 14th, giving them another week to fritter away. An article in Thursday's time indicated that they had made substantial progress.

  • Tom Boswell has his first baseball column of the season. This one's a general column, which looks like it's earmarked more for a forthcoming book than at anyone who'd read it today. That he spends more time trying to work subtle entendres in relation to Anna Benson than he does on anything related to the Nats is a good indication you can skip this one -- unless you're bored at work. It IS a Friday, afterall.

  • The Nats finally released the finalized Spring Training Schedule. Helpfully, they've identified a few stretches of games that would allow you to maximize your time in beautiful downtown Vierra. (No Panera jokes here) Anyone going? I've thought about it, but don't think I can do it this year.

  • The Post has a pretty interesting article looking at a ahem gentleman who owns several parcels of land in the stadium area. He's an interesting character, and the writer does a good job to paint a picture of the neighborhood, and the blight surrounding it.
    Chernoff, 63, is a presence. Balding and just shy of 300 pounds, he dresses in T-shirts and khakis. He wears brown leather sandals year-round, his feet chronically swollen from a circulation problem.

    Leaning back on the strip-club sofa, he swings a beefy arm over a cushion and describes how he recently unloaded the land near the corner of Half and I streets SE. He got $8.9 million for the land where the Nexus Gold Club sits plus four small adjacent lots and $35.9 million for the trash recycling lot a half-block away. Once the deal closes, high-end condos and apartments lie ahead.

    Read it! It's good stuff!

  • Another day, another bunch of whiny activists.

  • On one hand, it's nice to know that BB&T is putting their money where their mouth is, but on the other hand, the cynic in me has a strong suspicion that none of the developers most commonly linked with the projects were going to be using their services anyway. I'm sure some bean counter went through and did the math. At the very least, it got them some free advertising in the Moonie Times.

  • Ever wanted to be a play-by-play announcer? You could be the Next Dave Jageler, and broadcast games for the Schaumberg Flyers. Here's your chance. (Just ignore the B-I-G catch).

  • Blah blah Jose Guillen's a good person blah blah.

    I'm such a cynic with these things. It's great that he's doing it, but I hate when they tell us (or imply) that we should think he's a great guy for doing it.

    Note that he didn't promise to hit a home run for anyone, pendejo

  • Nasty Nats reviewed Beyond the Shadow of the Senators. Distinguished Senators highly recommended the book to me a year or so ago, and I promptly went out and purchased it, and it's sat on my desk since. Yeah, I know you don't really care, but I'm typing it anyway. The book has a companion website with more info about the book there.

  • OMG! continues their review of MLB's mascots with the crap of the cream. Screech makes a not-so-surprising appearance near the bottom of the standings.


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