Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogs Are Taking Over The World

  • The Deputy Assistant Under Secretary for Nats-blogging, Ball Wonk, details the pathetic excuse of a Nats offseason caravan. He lets you know how you can meet your favorite Washington Nationals and Brandon Watson.

    The Royals, who I think originated the concept (?), show you how it's really done. This intinerary appears to be their fourth caravan this winter.

  • Federal Baseball wants to know what kind of numbers you think Nick Johnson will put up. My guess was just a WAG. I'll have my CRAP projections out in a month or two.

  • Banks of the Anacostia reports that the Denver Post reports that Felix Rodriguez has reportedly agreed to sign with the Nats and report to Spring Training.
    Perhaps best known for tearing cartilage in his left knee getting out of the shower in May 2005, Rodriguez from 1999-2004 was one of the more feared setup men in the big leagues, putting up a 3.11 ERA/1.29 WHIP over that span. As so many other pitchers have before him he imploded in his short stint with the Yankees in 2005 both before and after his shower injury. I think that there is an excellent chance that Rodriguez could return to form with the Nats and I suspect that he would look forward to padding his stats at spacious RFK.

  • Beltway Boys wonders why Barry Svrluga thinks we're going to finish behind the Marlins. Barry's just lowering the bar so that when we win the East, he'll be able to generate more excitement for his follow-up book. The Pulitzer Committee is a-waitin'!

  • Nationals Enquirer, not to be confused with Nationals Inquirer, or National Equirer, or the National Zoo, has two good posts. (He probably has more than that, by my ADD is kicking in). The first answers Bill Ladson's mailbag questions for him. Perhaps Bill could just outsource this in the future?

    The second comes up with a potential stadium cost-saving alternative that I hope isn't being considered, but that would probably come higher on Tony Tavares' list than getting rid of the double-stacked luxury boxes.

  • Last, but not least (and not just because I'm not linking to the BPG forum today) is OMG! The French-Canadien Rusty Staub begins his exhaustive analysis of MLB's mascots. Where else can you learn that Wally the Green Monster bats both ways, or see how mangy the Detroit Tiger actually is? Only here, lady and gentlemen.


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