Thursday, December 15, 2005

Senior Moments To Return

Frank Robinson's officially coming back, as the team has signed him for another year. Eddie Rodriguez inexplicably will join him, as will the much-deserving Randy St. Claire.

Tommy "8 handicap" McCraw, Dave Huppert, Don Buford, and Bob Natal get the axe.

I'm happy for Frank. I may not think much of him as a manager, but I respect what he's done and what he's had to put up with in his long career in baseball. I just wish he knew how to adapt his in-game strategies to the talent he has on the roster, instead of blindly assuming that all players can steal and that bunting and hit-and-runs are optimal strategies. Still, he's earned at least one more year with the club. Lord knows he's put up with enough crap over the last few years.

Mitchell Page, who had previously served as the Cardinals hitting coach, was the roving hitting instructor last season. Now that his life seems to be in order, I'd love for them to give him a chance. I don't think that hitting coaches have nearly the effect that a good pitching coach, but the team was suffering with what was clearly a bad hitting coach last season.

Who'll fill their shoes? Damned if I know. Frank Howard would be the sentimental choice, of course, but he's already under contract in the Yankees system. But, knowing the proclivities of our red-haired step-GM, Buck says it's Barry Larkin at first, Hal Morris at third, and Eddie Taubensee in the pen. Or, perhaps if they turn over the right rock, they can find a spot for Chris Sabo.


  • Eddie Taubensee, boy could that guy hit the knuckleball. Ah, the memories.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/15/2005 6:23 PM  

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