Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

I'm trying to sort through all the off-the-field happenings that I missed while on my sojurn. As I was weeding through, one thing struck me.

They're claiming that after taxes, the Nationals made a $10 million profit. While it's an improvement on the $80 million loss they suffered in Montreal over the last few years, doesn't this seem a tad low?

Interestingly, at mid-season, the team was expected to make a $20 million profit. Now that the stadium negotiations are heating up, that number is halved? Hmmm... When that report came out, I blogged about it, and said that even $20 million seemed low when you factored in the increase in media and ticket revenue.

Granted, I don't have access to the numbers, but I'd suspect that Mr. Heath hasn't seen everything there is to see either. He's being leaked info from a team source (who's an employee of MLB, and who has an interest in seeing the stadium proceed.) If the profit were higher, wouldn't that have an impact on the lease negotiations, in that it would probably embolden the anti-stadium activists to ask MLB to chip in more money?

Just sayin'....


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