Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One More Loaiza Thought...

Another reason why losing him might not be such a bad thing is that we get the A's draft pick. As a type-B free agent, Loaiza earns us a first-round draft pick, woohoo!

Much of the draft is a crapshoot, but first rounders have such a great value in comparison to later rounds that losing one for a mediocre free agent is usually inexcusable. But gaining one for losing a mediocre free agent? That's sweetness!

Hector Carrasco and Preston Wilson are both type Bs. The team would likely offer arbitration to Carrasco, so if he signs elswhere, we'd gain that team's pick as well. Wilson is slightly different. The team is probably not going to offer arbitration. Because of that, the Nationals won't pick up a pick when he signs elsewhere (unless he signs before the arbitration deadline, which is HIGHLY unlikely to happen.)

Joey Eischen is a Type-C free agent, and a loon. As such, if we offer arbitration (which would make sense), we'd get a sandwich pick between the second and third round. It ain't much, but in this system, that's probably enough to make the player a top-5 prospect!


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