Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One More Hurdle Cleared

The DC Council approved the technical amendments to the ballpark legislation on a 10-2 vote. The amendments were required to satisfy Wall Street's insatiable appetite for revenue (and to secure a lower interest rate on DC's bonds).

The legislation must be approved a second time a least 30 days from now. Given the ease of success, this seems like a formality.

With the council almost out of the way, things are on track for the Dec. 31 land acquisition and re-zoning deadline.

I'm not ready to be optimistic, but I took a few fewer antacids today.


  • Cropp says, you guys are getting a Ford or Buick, not a caddie. How embarassing. There's your new cheapsake mayor.

    By Blogger Brian, at 11/02/2005 2:55 PM  

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