Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Go West (Again!), Bodes-Man

Sometimes I forget what I blog about here and what I rant about at Yuda's, where other Nats-bloggers and non-bloggers alike kibitz about the team.

When DePodesta was fired as GM of the Dodgers, I threw out the idea that Jim Bowden would be all over the job. Bowden would love to work for one of the premier franchises, but more importantly, his fiancee, Joy Browning is an aspiring actress. I'm assuming she spends most of her time in LA, so the Dodgers would be an especially attractive fit for Bowden.

Importantly, Tommy LaSorda approves of Bowden. He views him as a good baseball man. And Bowden is more of a traditional scouts-first GM than DePodesta -- and LA is clearly going to want to go in a different direction.

Now the wheels are starting to turn. Two of the other favorites for the LA job were Gerry Hunsicker, who seems poised to take a job with the Devil Rays (there's a personal connection there), and Pat Gillick is reportedly taking the job with Philadelphia.

With those two out of the picture, could Bowden be bound for Blue?

He just signed a short contract extension, but you have to believe that Tony Tavares would let him go if he got a job offer, especially with his tenuous future here given the ownership uncertainty.

When he signed the contract, he put his crony, Bob Boone in as Assistant GM. I'd assume that Boone would slide up into the big chair, which would probably please Bowden. The idea of Boone scares the bejeesus out of me, but we'll cross that bridge when and if we get to it.

In the meantime, keep looking for Bodes' name in connection with LA. He must be thinking that it's too good to be true.


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