Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Topic Goes Here Edition

Lotsa good stuff around the trillion or so other Nats Blogs.

-- Distinguished Senators takes a look at something we usually overlook: the importance of pitching coach Randy St. Claire. I knew about how he taught Hector Carrasco a new pitch, leading to his inexplicable success this season. But I had completely forgotten about how he transformed Livan Hernandez, who had floundered for a few seasons in San Francisco. Ryan helpfully Babelfishes the article about everyone's favorite "launcher."

-- I should've linked this a week ago or so when it was pertinent, but Federal Baseball deconstructs a poorly-written T(h)om Loverro column. Loverro's point was buried in so much fluff and snippy attacks that his column was pretty useless. The Federalist unleashed the hounds.

-- Curly W worries about what'll happen to the team sans Bodes. I'm not sure if he's right that Epstein wouldn't come here (eventually) though. Even if the team doesn't offer him money, it's been reported that Epstein would like to rebuild a franchise from the ground up. I look around RFK and all I see are ashes. Seems like a good opportunity, to me.

-- Nationals Interest makes some interesting points about payroll, and the differences between baseball and football, and how that lends itself towards shaping a roster. They point out that sometimes it makes sense to lose out on a free agent (ie Burnett) when the bidding gets too high because, even if it makes sense this year, it might not make sense in year four of the contract.

I like the strategy, but there does come a time when you DO have to overpay -- typically on the pitching side. The key, then, is to make sure your farm system is developing other prospects to patch holes cheaply. We've got some work to do there, though.

-- Our friends at Nats Blog are passing the collection plate for Jim Bowden. Like when a team sends cash along in a trade, they're hoping that Boston will accept some money to subsidize their prospective increase in the leather pants budget.


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