Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Pieces Falling Into Place Edition

  • Gillick to Philly was yesterday. Hunsicker to Tampa Bay is even closer now. Bowden is 'interested' in LA, but they haven't asked for permission to speak yet.

    Meanwhile, Tony Kornheiser writes a 'column' extolling the virtues of Theo Epstein for the Nats' job. His list of reasons is far from compelling, even though it's a good idea.

  • The Post and Times both have their full articles from yesterday's hearing, going into more details than that AP piece. We're getting a Buick.
    Costs to build the new ballpark for the Washington Nationals are more than $150?million higher than previously anticipated, according to some council members, and the city is working to find ways to stay under budget.

    "There would be overruns if it were a Cadillac stadium," Cropp said. "They may no longer do a Cadillac, but they may do a Buick or Ford."

    Maybe that's a good thing. Instead of going with the all-gold cigar bar, maybe they could just use mahogany?

    The articles note that some of the cost is related to Katrina. Construction services and supplies are in greater demand now because of the rebuilding effort there.


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