Friday, October 28, 2005

MoreOn Bowden

The Post and Times have their respective stories on Bodes' contract extension.

The Times story hits on what this means for Frank Robinson's future. Reading between the lines, Frank will have more time to play golf next year:
manager Frank Robinson and his coaching staff still have no idea whether they'll be back in 2006. Both Tavares and Bowden said yesterday they'll try to hold off making that decision until the club is sold.

"As long as the ownership situation is resolved in a reasonable amount of time," Bowden said. "We're hoping to wait for the new owner for many of these decisions. But there may come a time where we can't wait any longer, and we'll make the decision and go forward."

Bowden has said that he'll hope to make that decision by Thanksgiving, but does that mean there'll be new owners by then? The owner's meetings are 11/16-17. So hopefully.

Both articles emphasize how tight Bodes and Tavares are:
"He's got a vision," Tavares said. "He's got a plan, and he sticks with his plan. I think for all those reasons, and the fact that he's a very hard-working guy -- I'd stack him up with anybody in that GM's capacity -- he deserved this."

That's a lot of manlove.

At least the team has some stability. Our friend, the Federalist said it best:
No matter what one may think of Jim Bowden, I surmise most reasonable people would find agreement that it's hard to make decisions when there's no decision-maker. Bowden is our decision-maker at present, and decisions must be made, and they can't be made in the absence of a decision-maker. Faced with the choice of decisions or no decisions, one probably must side with "decisions," even if that means that Bowden is the guy still doing the decision-making.

All of which is a long of way of saying, "Eh."