Thursday, October 27, 2005

April For Fools

Jim Bowden's contract was officially extended through April, giving him a sixth month reprieve, and the franchise some stability as it lists into the offseason.

Nationals Farm Authority takes a look at several other front-office announcements that were made as well -- the front office has been reorganized. Read him for the details.

But he points out one of the bright sides -- that Bob Boone's new promotion (to assistant GM) means that it's less likely that he'll be taking over in the dugout.

Still, as I said the other day, I think that its dead man walking for Frank. Tavares and Bowden seem to be in each other's corner and Tavares really doesn't like Frank. Unless Frank makes sweeping coaching changes (Bye McCraw, Huppert and Buford), there's no chance he comes back. If he does agree to those changes, he's probably 50-50.

Bowden obviously wanted some certainty. Still I wonder whether this six-month deal would be enough to keep him from another job, such as in Arizona? Does he have an out? Is this just a bargaining chip with AZ? Look, I've got alternatives, I don't need the D-Backs! Or does he have assurances from one or more of the lead groups that they'll keep him around post-April? You'd assume that the groups had to tacitly endorse the extension in the first place. Can you tell that I don't really know?