Thursday, September 29, 2005

Whopper With Cheese

Bud Selig flaps his lips again. As the old joke, which is certainly true in this case, goes, it means he's telling a lie.

Herr Selig has said that he is willing to break tradition and make a major decision during the postseason, in this case that the Nationals finally have one single jerk, instead of a whole confederacy of dunces in charge of the team.

This is the same lying liar who told us...
--We'd have new owners by New Years
--We'd have new owners by Spring Training
--We'd have new owners by the All-Star break
--This team will have payroll flexibility
--Tony Tavares runs independently and doesn't have to check in with MLB
--Sure, they can go and get any players they need

And those are just for starters.

Funny, I think all those dates have passed, and we still don't have owners.

Strange that Jim Bowden had to twist arms to make September callups even though each player would cost roughly $55,000 for the month -- that's probably equal to Bud's monthly pancake makeup budget.

Despite his assurances and reassurances, don't count on having owners before the end of the World Series. (Delaying our entry into the Hot Stove League)

Thanks, Bud.


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