Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What's Next? Demon Rum?

Frank Robinson finally figured out what was causing the National's 2-month malaise. No, it's not the stinklicious shortstop. It's not the hobbling third baseman with the balsa bat. It's not the team's un-clutch hitting, nor the five-alarm fire that comes after a Tony Armas or Ryan Drese outing.

It's the music. And the cards.

Gosh darn it, these boys aren't serious about the game with their hippity hoppity music, and their cuthroat games of pinochle.

Was the noise keeping him from his pre-game routine of napping and writing Guzman's name in the lineup?

What a joke. These are the kinds of moves that losers make. The team isn't losing because they're playing video games. They're losing because they have gaping holes in the lineup and two of their starting pitchers can't lift their arms above their heads!

From all accounts, the RFK clubhouse is a rathole. It's tiny. It reeks of mildew. It has leaky pipes. And it swelters.

So Frank takes away some of the few creature comforts these guys have. It's been a long season, and it's a stressful time. Treating them like children isn't going to do anything other than to piss them off.

It's yet another case of how the management of this team refuses to look at and acknowledge what the real problems with this team are. Frank, like Bowden usually does, is fiddling at the margins, trying to look like he's doing something, even if it accomplishes nothing.

If they keep getting good pitching, and get some timely hits, they'll win. It's as easy as that.

Nationals Inquirer has a look at the issue, including the mini controversy over a Washington Times report that claimed that Jose Guillen asked out of the lineup because of the new rules.


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