Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ownership News?

Just passin' this along from DCRTV. I'm not quite sure who his baseball sources would be, but his media-related sources are usually accurate.

DCRTV hears that Emmis broadcasting head Jeff Smulyan probably won't land the team. Sources tell us that he's being "set up" to eventually buy the Cincinnati Reds, which are close to his home base of Indianapolis. Still no word on which group will get the Nats. And it could be a group that's still in the formation stage. Also, we're told that once a Nats owner is named, we should know within a "very short" period of time about the broadcast rights for the team next season. Will Bonneville, which is looking to buy some of ABC's area radio stations, keep the team? Or will Clear Channel land it for WTEM? Or might Infinity bid for the team on a Howard Stern-less WJFK-FM?

Please no Smulyan!


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